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Yung Hsing Machine Industry Co.Ltd

Company Introduction

YUNG HSING is a reliable and professional recycling equipment manufactory. The production line includes sherdder, powerful crusher, automatic crusher, separator, agitator, stripper and the like. We have amassed more than 22 years' experience in recycling and turnkey equipment. Considering the natural resources exhausted by consistent development for human being needs, we continue developing and innovating a variety of equipment based on the principle of creating recycle values and environment-friendly tools in order to prolong natural resources' lives. Guided by the operation philosophy of "Honest, Responsibility, Harmony and Innovation," YUNG HSING is committed to buiding environmental- friendly equipment.
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Product Showcase
Basic Profile
Region Taiwan
Business Type Manufacturer
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Company Yung Hsing Machine Industry Co.Ltd
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Country/Region Taiwan
Address No.196, Ln. 470, Guanghua Rd., Sanlong Vil., Daliao Dist., Kaohsiung City 831,Taiwan
TEL 886-7-7878275
FAX 886-7-7883641
Web Site http://www.yunghsing.com.tw