Shanghai FOUNDRY Expo 2014 (Casting, Machine, Material)

Shanghai FOUNDRY Expo 2014 (Casting, Machine, Material)

  • Show Date2014-04-08~2014-04-10
  • CountryChina
  • CityShanghai
  • VenueShanghai New International Expo Centre
  • Address2345 Longyang Rd., Pudong, Shanghai, China
  • Venue Tel+86-21-5283-8700
  • OrganizerShanghai Shenshi Exhibition Service Co., Ltd
  • ProductFoundry Gasting- Cast Steel, Iron Casting, Coloured Casting Foundry Machine- Casting machinery and equipment, foundry equipment, molds Foundry Material- Ferroalloy, non-ferrous metal, foundry cok


China (Shanghai) Foundry Exhibition, 17th Shanghai International Metallurgy Industry Exhibition, 9th Shanghai International Metal Industry Exhibition (MTM+F EXPO 2013) will jointly be presented at Shanghai New International Exhibition Center again. This expor has been greatly supported by provincial and municipal foundry societies, Hannover-Milan Fairs (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Shenshi Exhibition Co., Ltd. co-sponsored.


  Foundry Gasting

1. Cast Steel, Iron Casting, Coloured Casting (Precision Casting, Pressure Casting, Lost Foam Casting, Centrifugal Casting, Low-Pressure Casting) .

2. Automobile, Motor van, Machine Tool, Shipping, Wind power generation, Construction Machinery , Rail transport, heavy machinery, mining machinery, textile machinery, printing machinery, medical machinery, general machinery; transmission, electronic communications, petrochemicals, construction hardware, pipe pump and valve, pipe fittings, municipal engineering, urban art castings and die castingitem

 Foundry Machine

1. Casting machinery and equipment, foundry equipment, molds, transfer technology, measurement technology, surface treatment technology, furnaces, welding technology

2. Environmental technology, all kinds of casting mold; casting cleaning equipment, casting repair, infiltration equipment

 Foundry Material

Ferroalloy, non-ferrous metal, foundry coke, refining agent inoculant ball agent, vermicularizing the deslagging agent, quartz sand, coated sand, chromite sand, Orb sand, bentonite, coal dust, carbon agentcasting resin, curing agent, coating, casting with a refractory material, silica sol, the wax material, riser, filters, steel shot, patches ointment.

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