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Guangzhou Landtek Instruments Co Ltd

Company Introduction

Guangzhou Landtek Instruments Co Ltd is one of leading professional manufacturers of instruments and meters in China over 20 years. Here is part of our products: >Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge >Coating Thickness Gauge >Vibration Meter/Calibrator >Surface Roughness Tester >Moisture Meter for wood/concrete/textile/grain/soil/cocoa bean/paper... >Hardness Tester for metal/rubber/wood/textile/fruit... >Gloss Meter >Whiteness Meter >Reflectance Meter(Cryptometer) >Color Meter >Window Tint Meter >Belt Tension Tester >Screen Tension Tester >Yarn/Wire Tension Tester >Force Gauge >Muscle Strength Tester >Sound Level Meter/ Calibrator >Noise Dose Meter >Portable Water Activity Meter >ATP Meter Fluorescence Detector >Gauss Meter for magnetic field strength >Anemometer for wind speed/direction >Dew Point Meter >Stroboscope >Digital Tachometer >Lux Meter Thank you for your reading. You are welcome to contact Lisa for quotation. Thanks. ...
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Basic Profile
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Region China
Business Type Manufacturer,
Main Products Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge,Coating Thickness Gauge,Vibration Meter,Surface Roughness Tester,Belt Tension Meter,Force Gauge,Hardness Tester,Portable Water Activity Meter,Gauss Meter,
Contact Detail
Company Guangzhou Landtek Instruments Co Ltd
Contacts Lisa Li
Country/Region China
Address 3rd floor.No.5 Hailong Road,Haizhong,Liwan District,Guangzhou 510388, China
TEL +86-20-81507665
Web Site http://landtek.cn/en/