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Company Introduction

As a leading manufacturer of high quality solvent recovery systems used in the extraction industry, TruSteel is made up of a team of professional engineers who are making waves in the world of large scale solvent recovery. Outstanding products include the AutoVap Series Falling Film Evaporators. TruSteel aims to help extractors perform solvent recovery in a scalable way while reducing energy costs, overall carbon footprint, and more. Contact TruSteel today if you want to find out more about our alcohol recovery systems. We specialize in providing AutoVap Falling Film Evaporator System Support, AV15 (AutoVap 15) Alcohol Recovery System, and AV30 (AutoVap 30) Alcohol Recovery System. Check out our Alcohol Recovery System Blog to learn more.
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Region United States
Business Type Manufacturer,Service Provider,
Main Products AutoVap - Solvent Recovery Systems,AutoVap 15 - Alcohol Recovery System,AutoVap 30 - Alcohol Recovery System,
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Company TruSteel
Contacts info@trusteel.com
Country/Region United States
Address 416 Crown Point Circle Suite #1
TEL (530) 802-0420
Web Site https://trusteel.com