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Company Introduction

SQUAT TOILET STOOL When using Western Toilets, lots of the people suffer from Constipation and other related diseases. When you place your feet on our newly introducing Squat Toilet Stool, your body will turn from usual straight position (90°) to natural squatting (35°) position. This expands your rectum and leads to eliminate the waste properly, quickly and easily. Squat Toilet Stool is designed in such a way that the back leg is delicately raised one inch than the Front leg and the gap between the two legs also helps to improve the perfect way of sitting in natural posture. Our Squat Toilet Stool can fit in all type of Western Toilets. Ultimate Acupressure Foot Designs The Acupressure Foot Designs present on the high side of our stool stimulates the Acupressure Points under our feet which helps us to relieve from constipation and other related diseases. It designed to provide the right posture of poo poo. even when you are using western toilet, it can offer multiple health benefits. Without adopting the right position to poo poo, you may face old diseases re...
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Region China
Business Type Manufacturer,
Certification SA8000,
Main Products 46cm PP stool (hr0203),0.8L Round seal container (hr0314),
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Company Taizhou Huangyan Hexing Plastic Mould Co.,Ltd
Contacts hore@hexingmould.com
Country/Region China
Address No.58 Chaoyuan Road, Xinqian Industrial zone, Huangyan District,Taizhou City
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