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Defender Machine Protection System

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Defender Machine Protection System
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The Ultimate Protector for Machine Slideways

DEFENDER means protector. In football sport, it means the defensive players. The brand name of SUN YUAN’s machine protection system was originated from “The best defense with the most effective protection. “The company’s logo is a simple square graphics in combination with equal sloping sides, that exhibits in-depth meaning of the company’s identification system. The equal length of four sides represents the company’s internal culture - mutual concern, mutual trust, mutual toleration and mutual growth. The company’s philosophy is “honesty and Responsibility; Professional Team Work; Excellent Quality; Technology Innovation, the logo also represents the bellows cover produced when the company was established.
SUN YUAN Technology was established in 1989. For over 20 years, SUN YUAN has been dedicating to the development of the protection covers for machine slideways. Our development of product begins from the simple bellows cover to the latest extra high speed finned bellows cover. The design and production concept behind SUN YUAN products is to extend the machine service life for our customers. SUN YUAN is committed to become the best protector for machine slideways, and our products will be the first protectors for machine slideways.

A Perfect Combination of Technology And Technique

In addition to constantly develop various new performance and new types of protection covers for application in general industries, SUN YUAN also research and design protection covers for application in the field of high-tech industry. Through constant breakthrough and innovation of technology. SUN YUAN products has won a number of patents in Taiwan, Europe, U.S.A. and Japan, etc.

Environment - Friendly Without Second Pollution

In today’s society, environmental consciousness is enhanced seriously, and fulfill environmental care is the responsibility for every enterprise. Therefore, SUN YUAN products are all manufactured from eco-friendly materials. For example, the protective curtain is produced from PUR eco-friendly material and the stiffener is produced from non-poisonous PVC material that meets RoHs standards, and keeps SUN YUAN protection covers free of second pollution to environment.

Customized Design And Manufacturing Capabilities

Upon customer’s requirement, SUN YUAN is also capable of design and manufacture of special specifications of protection covers that fully meet customers’ required specifications and performance.

Rigorous Quality Control Insisting on Quality Excellence

In addition to the use of top quality materials, SUN YUAN also employs the latest forming technology in combination with the rigorous quality control system. From material incoming inspection, in-process inspection to final product inspection, rigorous quality standards are followed that ensure SUN YUAN products to achieve the international quality level.

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