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Defender Machine Protection System

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Defender Machine Protection System
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Finned Bellows Cover

  • Model No.FGC series
  • Brand NameDEFENDER
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  • Certification RoHS,

Product Details

Allows for traverse rate 120 M/min

A. High hardness stainless steel
B. Bellows cover
C. Stiffener

The finned bellows cover are suitable for large amounts of high-temperature chips, ultra large travel and insufficient space for mounting metal sheet guard. Applicable machines include horizontal machining centers, traveling column machining centers and various CNC machining centers. The corrugation top is equipped with stainless steel or aluminum alloy sheet for surface protection to prevent high temperature from damaging the cover while ensuring superior protection effect.


L max = Max. extending length
L min = Min. compression length
Z = Extending length of protective sheet metal
ST = Max. extending length – Min. compression length
= Total working stroke
H = Height of corrugation
W = Width of protective curtain
L = Accumulated thickness of protective metal sheet
High speed traveling / Resist high temperature Chips / Light weight
  • Bellows cover in combination with high hardness stainless steel make it suitable for metal cutting chips.
  • Outstanding forming technology and structure design enable the series of cover to be ideal for protecting slide ways with extra large traveling.
  • Low noise and long service life. Available to equip with sliding and synchronized mechanism for rapid traverse.
  • Customized product.