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Yii Chwan Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Company Introduction

Yii Chwan Enterprise Co.,Ltd is an all-round supplier engaged in the manufacture, consulting and know-how service of sticky tape coating machinery. We continue to research and develop and our flexible substrate coating technology is now moving towards the field of photovoltaic coating. The production process and quality operations have always been strictly controlled, so the coating equipment is made with high quality, efficiency and productivity. The authentication of ISO 9001 further demonstrates the quality of our products. Customer support is the driving force behind our progress. Yii Chwan machines help improve your competitiveness. You're welcome to make some inquiries.
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Product Showcase
Basic Profile
Region Taiwan
Business Type Manufacturer
Main Products Coating Laminating Machine,Carbon Fiber Cloth Coating Machine,Soft Circuit Coating Machine,Heat Insulation Film Coating Machine, Ventilation Adhesive Cloth Making Machine,Hydrophilic Medical Plaster Machine,
Contact Detail
Company Yii Chwan Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Contacts Sales
Country/Region Taiwan
Address No.14.Sec 2.Ta Te Ist Rd. Tan Tza Taichung427. Taiwan
TEL 886-4-25321249
FAX 886-4-25347268
Web Site http://www.yiichwan.com.tw