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Wexten Precise Industries Co., Ltd.

Wexten Co., found in 1996, is the major manufacturer of water chiller, oil cooler, freezing suciton pad, air conditioner, and so forth. We have much experience in this field and our outstanding faculty for making durable products has been praised by customers. Wexten views an “ongoing pursuit of advance” as a part of our everyday operations. Furthermore, we have a goal that we not only manufacture perfect products but pursue one hundred percent satisfaction in the minds of our clients as well. We will keep going and never stop leading other companies in our industry. This is also our mission. If you are seeking a trustworthy supplier, you can rely on us. Looking forward to receiving your inquiry.
Basic Profile
Year Established
Region Taiwan
Business Type Manufacturer
Employees Total 0 Pelple
Main Products Inverter Water Chiller, Oil Cooler, Freezing Suction Pad, Air Conditioner, Heat Exchanger, EDM Machiner Cooler, Coolant Cooler, Air Cooled Water Cooler,