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Wan Chi Steel Industrial Co., Ltd.

Company Introduction

Wan Chi, starting with end plates/heads as its only product, now offers an integrated multi-discipline fabrication and construction service with its facilities and well qualified staff. Taking Taiwan's industrial development as our own responsibility, Wan Chi has participated in several significant projects related to power generation, petrochemical and steel making, etc in the past 10 years, which expands the industrial capacity and elevates Taiwan to another technical level. Through persistent improvement in both shop capacity and human resource, we are motivated by strict self-examination and therefore a steady progress has been made. The enhancing quality of working environment props our employees to serve and insist the best to our customers. Dedicated to carrying out occupational health and safety policy, Wan Chi has been on the way targeted on more professionalized, diversified and internationalized.
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Product Showcase
Basic Profile
Region Taiwan
Business Type Manufacturer
Main Products SAW & submerged welding pipe, End Plate, Heat Treatment,Hot bending,Cold bending,
Contact Detail
Company Wan Chi Steel Industrial Co., Ltd.
Contacts Sales
Country/Region Taiwan
Address No.360, Anxin Rd., Jiausu Vil., Yanchao Dist., Kaohsiung City 82446, Taiwan
TEL 886-7-6163881
FAX 886-7-6164877
Web Site http://www.wanchi.com.tw