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Tung Yu Hydraulic Machinery Co., Ltd.

Tung Yu, a world's leading diversified manufacturer for vacuum hydraulic, compression, transfer molding, rubber injection molding & vulcanizing processing machinery and many others, offers complete solutions for automotive, aerospace, military, medical equipment, and transportation industries. To be a supplier with sophisticated brand image, we attach much significance to integrity, innovation and professionalism. Quality is the key to our success. We have obtained ISO 9001:2000, CE and EMC certifications, which endorses our commitment to pursue excellence to meet customer's demands. As a customer-oriented & high-tech-driven company, we make the highest quality products by closly monitoring all levels of operations, including strict quality control and quality upgrade inspection. We are proud to say we are your first choice of hydraulic machinery.
Basic Profile
Year Established
Region Taiwan
Business Type
Employees Total 0 Pelple
Main Products Rubber Compression Molding Machine,Rubber Injection Molding Machine,Hydraulic press,Vulcanizer For Rubber,New tire / Retread Tire Curing Machine,Carbon Fiber and Composite Material Molding Machine,Preformer,Slab-Side Compression Molding Machine,