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Shuz Tung Machinery Industrial Co., Ltd.

Company Introduction

A supplier of best solutions to metal machining and forming equipment, SHUZ TUNG built up a strong background in engineering and an over 20 years of professional knowledge in various industries. We are proud to have developed and distributed over 1,000 models of machines internationally. We provide full range of service in both software (know-how) and hardware (machine), which mean we offer technical consultation such as factory layout planning and personnel training besides suggesting the best machines to you. We appreciate the supports from you and all our satisfied customers. We will continue to do our utmost by innovating more machines, supplying with the best quality and rendering our best service to all of you. We believe this is the best way to keep all of us moving forward to face the challenging business world of today and the future!
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Product Showcase
Basic Profile
Region Taiwan
Business Type Manufacturer
Main Products Pipe/Tube Bender, Bicycle Machinery,End Forming Machinery, Auto Cell, Electronic Equipment,
Contact Detail
Company Shuz Tung Machinery Industrial Co., Ltd.
Contacts Sales
Country/Region Taiwan
Address No.17-1, Hou Liao Rd., Waipu District, Taichung City, Taiwan
TEL 886-4-26831886
FAX 886-4-26836158
Web Site http://www.shuztung.com