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Lin Der Sheng Can Making Machinery Co., Ltd.

Company Introduction

Foundation and Business Domain. Lin Der Sheng Canmaking Machinery Co., Ltd., was founded in 1975. We specialized in development and manufacture of "Complete Line Machinery for Irregular Can Manufacturing". Developing Ability and Consistent Operating Advantages With over 36 year of accumulated experience and the finest designing engineers, Lin Der Sheng has been capable of accomplishing customers' requests after co-evaluation and drawing of concepts provided by customers. From project planning, manufacturing, installation, to technical guidance and professional after sales service, Lin Der Sheng has earned recognition and a solid reputation from both customers and Piers alike. Innovative Advantages In order to achieve the goal of lowering the customers' production costs, improving quality and productivity, the entire company is geared to developing new machinery with every improving can making technology.An example of this are advancements made in technology of spout been pierced directly from top lids and equipment that has considerable lowerd production costs.Our 5 gallon squar...
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Basic Profile
Region Taiwan
Business Type Manufacturer
Contact Detail
Company Lin Der Sheng Can Making Machinery Co., Ltd.
Contacts Sales
Country/Region Taiwan
Address No. 135, Puu-Ne St., Yeh-Her Li,Chang Hua City,Taiwan
TEL 886-4-7118143
FAX 886-4-7116487
Web Site http://www.can-making.com