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Guger Industries Co., Ltd.

Company Introduction

Guger Industries Co, Ltd. was established on May 8, 1987, has been working on the study of Pad Printers, Bottle Printers, Screen Printers, production of whose applications, and initiate the new technology of Pad Printer to work on both sides, breaking through Taiwan's traditional Pad Printing History. Guger holds the ideas of "Advanced Research And Study, Precise Manufacturing , Careful Evaluation, Customers First, and Service First", and satisfaction from our clients is the most powerful proof. In order to serve as many clients as possible, we have been working very hard to hit the goal; up to now, we have over 1,500 companies as our devoted clients around the world, and the number is still keeping growing. Correspondingly, now we have agents and distribution centers in Malaysia, Singapore, Burma, Vietnam, Philippine, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Argentina, Los Angeles, Mainland China, Shen Zun, Shanghai and etc. Guger not only produces advanced printers like bottle printers, but also provides relevant technical support & solutions to our customers such as Hot Stamping, Pad Printi...
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Product Showcase
Basic Profile
Region Taiwan
Business Type Manufacturer
Main Products Pad Printing,Screen Printer,Flame Treatment, UV/IR Dryer,CCD Vision Inspection System,LCD/Photoelectric Industries Printer,Contact Lens Printer,Golf Ball Printer,Bottle Printers,
Contact Detail
Company Guger Industries Co., Ltd.
Contacts Sales
Country/Region Taiwan
Address 8F, No. 3, Lane 16, Szu Chuan Rd., Sec. 2, Pan Chiao District, New Taipei City 220, Taiwan
TEL 886-2-89668805
FAX 886-2-89664162
Web Site http://www.guger.com