PET Bottles Recycling
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  process description and theorem
  Bottles input (in order to have a stable flow of quantity input, and minimize the labor cost)


Batch/Basin Hot Water Washer
(need worker training, number of worker : 1, when the materials are conveyed to the top of this Washer, a well trained worker has to feed the bottles into the Washer batch by batch. This design comes from ready-mixed truck. After years of experiences and improvement, this unit can wash the bottles with HOT water, and has good performance on de-label function especially when you have labels which is glued on the bodies, and which is also not easy to get rid of by scratching.)
Buffer Tank (It’s essential and necessary device in order to get stable quantity and smooth flow capability for the following process.)

Label Separator 
(After Hot Water Washer remove the glue, it’s very easy for Label Separator to scratch the labels off the bottle. Removing labels with hundreds of special designed nail in the drums, rotating and spinning, in an excellent performance take the labels off.)


Label Blowing Device 
(using big fan and rotating drum separating labels and bottles apart. Speed of fan is adjustable and so is capability. According to more than 10 years of treating PET recycling process, we design two stages for label removing, and which is the most efficient movement we have ever creature.)

  Manual Sorting Platform 
(Manual sorting is the final sector to make sure there’s no any other contamination got left. Previous movement and machine can efficiently remove the labels and glue, and achieve 95~99% efficiency. However, we still need well educated labor and well trained worker to make sure 100% there’s only PET material can be conveying on the platform. No matter how advanced the technology goes, this movement is non replaceable at all.)


Wet Grinder
(2end stage of washing, and crushing simultaneously. In this stage, the water you need isn’t to be fresh water, thus the counter current water which collected from the following stages can complement the water consumption a grinder needs. You don’t have to pour fresh water all the time and save the money and water. The output size of grinder is 8~10mm. Capacity: 1200~1500kg/hr)

Floatation Tank
(the water will be much clean if you had washed twice in the previous stages. This tank has both floating and washing function. By gravity,
PET goes down to the bottom and PE/PP caps float on the water.)


Planetary Washing Machine 
(The most efficient washing machine for PET chips and flakes. Concept comes from [Astronomy] revolution and rotation, imitating sun and earth’s movement. Due to rotation and revolution, flakes kept be washing in each sink for 3 minutes. And that leads to a perfect performance because PET material is washed by high speed spin shaft in each sink and stays in the sink more than 3 minutes. Don’t under estimate just 3 minute. This is 12 times longer than any washing machine you can find in the market.
We also add chemicals here to help the washing ability, and get results in good quality. Capacity : 1.5 ton/hr )

AP-3000 Washing Machine
(This stage is designed for removing chemical residual contained with PET chips after previous washing movement. High speed shaft spins with 150 R.P.M. and clean water. Efficiently remove chemicals and get good results )


Hydro Extractor 
(R.P.M 1800, with rotating blades inside. Φ6mm of screen. Capacity: 500~600kg/hr for PE film and capacity of 1000 kg/hr for PET chips/flakes. Efficiency of moisture remove: 90~92% for film;99% for flakes
Why we didn’t offer you Hot Air Drying? Hydro-extractor in a high speed centrifugal force is much suitable for PET recycling. High temperature can make PET into smoky color. Besides, we have experiences that hot air drying will generate steam moisture which still stays on the material.)
Cyclone and Bags 
( Collect it and load it, then sell with profitable price)


Hot Water System
Capacity output: 2” pipe with 2HP pump (160 liter/min)
Water Consumption: 10M3 tons/hr
Temperature design: 80℃
Fuel design: Diesel and Heavy Oil
Energy Efficiency and Carbon Reduction design: Heat Exchange

Wood Shredder