Rice Huller
Model No. NS-250
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Tw Grandeur Machinery Co., Ltd
Region Taiwan
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The Rice Huller designed by means of the rubber rollers of the principle of plastic rubbing is a new machine.

1. The grains separated husks by means of plastic rubbing can remain perfect and bright. The machine can apply to any kind of rice,The rice produced may be stocked for a long period to improve the marketing value.

2. Equipped with a small winnower having 3-speed to supply a reasonable wind flow, can separate husks perfectly and blow them away to a remote distance.

3. Hulling head is a mechanism of rubber rolls with spring-control. The machine will not be damaged by large or small stones.

4. The gera box is a full closed and dust free structure. Gear oil may remain for a long period and apply to a long run and continuous operation.

5. Gears all have been heat-treated. The shafts made from special steel material and heat-treated are high torque axes.

6. The parts of winnower made from thin iron plate in the past must be changed every year. Now they are made from thick steel plate. The set of winnower is also strengthened by thick angle iron. The life of winnower is improved.

7. Rubber rolls offer more efficiency than European sand-wheel type 5% upwards.

8. The winnower maintains accurately the separation of grown and un-grown rice.

Rice Huller